Welcome to Dental BeNeLux!

Overheek 56, 6343PC Klimmen, Nederland (Limburg)
We do treatments for ages 18 and older.
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Welkom bij Dental BeNeLux!

Overheek 56, 6343PC Klimmen.

Excellent price-quality ratio

Our rates for crowns, bridges, and implants are up to 50% cheaper than most prices in the Benelux region.


Easy wheelchair access in our clinic, we also have spacious restroom facilities. The clinic is designed on a single level, allowing for easy wheelchair navigation.

Short waiting times

You can schedule a first appointment within one to two weeks. We have several treatment rooms available so that we can treat several patients at the same time.

3 year warranty

We give no less than 3 years warranty for porcelain crowns, bridges and prostheses manufactured by our clinic. In addition, the manufacturer of the implants gives a 10-year warranty.

Convenient location

We are located right next to the A2 motorway. Klimmen (province of Limburg) is a beautiful place, close to tourist cities such as Valkenburg and Maastricht.

High hygiene and sterilization standards

Our clinic boasts not one, but two sterilization rooms, equipped with the latest vacuum autoclaves, Miele Thermodesinfectors, and DAC hygiene and disinfection systems.


We offer free parking for our patients in our spacious private parking lot. Additionally, there is a bus stop right outside the door.

Modern equipment

Thanks to the most modern and latest equipment, such as a 3D CT scan, endomicroscope, and 3D intraoral scanner, we can perform fast and high-quality treatments.

Insurance coverage

You can submit your invoice for reimbursement if you are insured for dental care in the Netherlands. Belgian dental insurances such as Dentalia+, Solidaris, etc., are also accepted.

6 treatment rooms

There are 6 professional dental treatment rooms in our clinic: an Implantology room, Endodontic room, Oral Hygiene room, and regular treatment rooms. Additionally, there are 2 waiting rooms.

Please schedule an appointment for an introductory meeting


Starting from €50

Treatment plan

You will receive a printed treatment plan outlining all pros and cons, with no obligations

2/3 options

2-3 alternative solutions in different price ranges

    Dental implant

    695 euro

    Affordable titanium dental implant placed by a dental implantologist with over 10 years of experience, backed by a 10-year warranty on your implant.

    Porcelain-Zirconium crown

    Aesthetic and durable crown

    430 euro

    Much healthier and aesthetically pleasing compared to a metal crown. Porcelain-zirconium crown provides a naturally radiant smile. This crown is composed of zirconium oxide with a porcelain layer, allowing the color of the crown to be matched to the shade of your teeth.

    100% E-max veneers

      450 euro

    Maximum aesthetic solution with minimal damage to your teeth. These veneers are placed on the outer surface of your teeth for a perfect smile and color.

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    You can schedule a first appointment within one to two weeks.
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