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Porcelain zirconium crown


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What is a kroon?

A porcelain crown is a cap that fits precisely over a chipped tooth. The cap is glued to the tooth. A crown restores the tooth to its original shape and function.

When might a crown be needed?

Large filling

To protect a tooth from the risk of fracture. Or if large fillings such as amalgam or composite have already been set.

Aesthetic appearance

Sometimes teeth are very discolored or not well shaped, do not sit in a nice curve line with the other teeth.

The tooth falls apart

When there is insufficient retention for a filling. Due to tooth decay, a large portion of the tooth may have been lost.


What is a brug?

A bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth and/or molars. A bridge is attached to two or more teeth or molars on either side of the missing teeth or molars. The missing teeth or molars are called bridge abutments

When might a bridge be needed?

Missing tooth

To fulfill daily interests, a missing tooth can be replaced

Aesthetic appearance

Sometimes teeth are very discolored or not well shaped, do not sit in a nice curve line with the other teeth.

Fixed solution

Replacing a removable denture or plate with a fixed, non-detachable solution

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    Crowns and bridges for beautiful and healthy teeth

    Do you have unhealthy teeth? Missing teeth or painful teeth? This is very annoying and inconvenient, but fortunately there are ways to solve this problem. It is important to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth. Not only to look presentable, but also for your teeth to function properly and allow you to chew normally.


    As a cosmetic dentist in the Netherlands, Dental Benelux helps you achieve high-functioning, healthy and beautiful teeth. How do we do it? For example, in the treatment of crowns and bridges.

    Cutting off the tooth

    First, part of the tooth is polished off until there is enough space to place a crown or bridge. 


    First fitting crown or bridge. If we and you are satisfied, we move to phase 3. 


    At the last appointment, your dentist fits the crown or bridge into your mouth and secures it in place.


    Example before and after treatment

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